A Safe and Healthy Program For Your Child

At the heart of Kenpo Karate, there lies the power and mystique of self-defense. It focuses on punches, kicks, and throws or standing locks. Your child will create a foundation that can help him/her respond to an offense or defense. At this stage, your child is learning things for the first time, and it is something that he/she will carry on in older age.

Teach Your Child the Value of Respect and Discipline

Our Kenpo Karate classes do not teach our students to be aggressive or violent. Our courses will help them be assertive and more compassionate, knowing that they can defend others. Your child will learn the importance of how to practice Kenpo Karate skills in a way that brings respect to elders and peers and supports peace over bullying. Your child will learn to strengthen the heart and grow up to be a responsible and respectful citizen.